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What to ask for when assessing a MUSIC model

What to ask for when assessing a MUSIC model

24 June 2022

Council development engineers or clients working with stormwater engineers should provide the following to support the WSUD response for a development:

  • design report and plans
  • summary of model inputs and results
  • rainfall location, timestep used, etc.
  • results presented as Treatment Train Effectiveness for development to outlet
  • electronic copy of model (*.sqz file)
  • screenshot of the model
  • either a summary report (*.mrt file) or MUSIC Auditor report
  • explanation and justification of any variations from guidelines or parameters flagged by MUSIC Auditor.

The MUSIC Auditor does not do the following for you, however we recommend an assessor checks to ensure the following:

  • catchment and drainage layout makes sense
  • catchment areas match design plans
  • whole catchment in model (all areas upstream of treatment measures)
  • impervious fractions are reasonable
  • selection or order treatments forms a suitable treatment train
  • treatment asset dimensions (areas) and assumptions reasonable and match design plans
  • gross pollutant traps and generic treatment nodes
  • link routing.

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