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GI & WSUD for new developments

In-house training

Green infrastructure and WSUD for new developments (PDF)

Learning objective
  • An awareness of the benefits of green infrastructure and WSUD
  • An understanding of green infrastructure and WSUD solutions that meet the performance objectives and deemed-to-satisfy solutions within the draft Code
  • An ability to apply the InSite Water (self-certification) online stormwater assessment tool for small-scale residential and commercial developments.
  • Policy and development assessment planners
  • Development assessment engineers
  • Consulting industry representatives who service the small-scale development industry

01 – Introduction

  • Benefits of GI and WSUD
  • Urbanisation and changes to catchment hydrology

02 – GI and WSUD elements and when to apply them

  • Rainwater harvesting and use
  • Greywater systems
  • Permeable and porous paving
  • Infiltration systems, including deemed-to-satisfy solutions
  • Vegetated swales and buffer strips
  • Raingardens
  • Green roofs and walls

03 – Code policies and deemed-to-satisfy (DTS) solutions

  • Residential
    • DTS solutions, 4 allotments or less
    • 5-19 allotments
    • > 20 allotments
  • Commercial developments

04 – Case studies

  • Minor infill
  • Major infill and greenfield
  • Commercial developments

05 – Alternative housing designs

  • Infill typologies catalogue
  • Salisbury Terrace house/North Melbourne house
  • Mixed townhouse and apartment development

06 – InSite Water Tool

  • Worked example of application of the tool to a small-scale residential development, 2 allotments subdivided into 8

07 – Resources

  • Guideline/resources summary sheet (all relevant website links)

Mellissa Bradley, Water Sensitive SA

Core competencies attained
  • Understanding of the range of WSUD assets available to meet planning performance criteria and when they should be applied for small-scale residential and commercial developments
  • Ability to apply Insite Water tool, for third party approvals for stormwater management (Planning approvals)

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