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Program governance

Steering committee

The Water Sensitive SA steering committee is charged with setting the strategic direction of South Australia’s WSUD capacity building program. This dedicated group of industry leaders brings a broad cross-section of skills and experience to the program, and are committed advocates of the program’s vision and projects.

Dr Sheryn Pitman, Chair, Water Sensitive SA Steering Committee - May 2021
Dr Sheryn Pitman Chair

Sheryn has worked in the environment and science industry for many years and is passionate about the importance of the relationship between people and the natural world. She currently leads the National Park City project for Green Adelaide, part of a global initiative designed to inspire action at all levels to improve the nature and wellbeing of cities, their people and their places.

Previously Sheryn managed the Inspiring South Australia program, a national strategic initiative to strengthen our society’s engagement with the sciences, hosted at the South Australian Museum.

She also led the South Australian Green Infrastructure partnership project, hosted at the Botanic Gardens of South Australia, to improve policy, capacity and resources for greening our towns and cities, as well as spending several years with Greening Australia in habitat restoration and community engagement.

With a multidisciplinary background in the arts, sciences and education, she has also worked as a creative and technical writer including documentary film, television and radio. Sheryn’s relatively recent PhD is in Environmental Management with a focus on Ecological Literacy.

Elsinore Mann, Water Sensitive SA Steering Committee Deputy Chair - May 2021
Greg Ingleton Deputy Chair

With a rich and rewarding career spanning 35 years, Greg worked in the agricultural field for 14 years prior to attending university. Since graduating he was involved in many projects and activities within SA Water where he gained experience and expertise in a variety of fields.

Greg started Cool by Nature to continue the ground-breaking work he developed prior to leaving SA Water. In addition to starting Cool by Nature, Greg is a member of the Green Adelaide board, and also holds a management position in Sydney Water focused on improving liveability and community resilience in the Western City Growth Area through better use of alternative water using a circular economy approach.

A key strength of Greg’s is his ability to observe and gain an understanding of a process, problem or issue, and design and implement practical solutions through lateral thinking and applying a systems-thinking approach, looking beyond the water utility’s jurisdiction to achieve an holistic outcome.

Well networked in the industry and with very credible relationships with diverse stakeholders across all tiers of government, industry, community, media and tertiary environments Greg is passionate about maximising our resources to create harmonised human and natural environments.

Robin Allison

Rob is a founding Director of DesignFlow, a specialist water sensitive urban design consultancy based in SA, Victoria and Queensland. He has more than 20 years’ experience in stormwater management, and in particular integrating WSUD into urban spaces to protect aquatic ecosystems while enhancing people’s enjoyment and appreciation of water.

Rob understands the value of water in community spaces. He successfully collaborates with urban and landscape designers to integrate sustainable water solutions within the constraints of urban communities. Rob is highly skilled in urban stormwater management in integrating and delivering water sensitive urban design in residential and prominent public spaces.

His experience includes urban development and redevelopment projects at many scales, wetland and bioretention designs, stormwater harvesting, water policy development, and research and publication on stormwater treatment devices. He has delivered many industry seminars and training courses. Rob’s expertise covers investigation, planning, design, construction supervision, and project management of water infrastructure.

Alison Collins, Water Sensitive SA Steering Committee Member - May 2021
Alison Collins

Alison’s has 20 years’ experience in a wide range of State Government, local government and private-sector roles with a particular passion for creating healthy and sustainable neighbourhoods. She has a strong understanding of the different levels of the planning system and how they interact and work together with other non-planning levers. This is underpinned by Alison’s experience and skills in strategic planning, policy development, project management, placemaking, development assessment and community engagement.

Alison is committed to delivering projects with positive and innovative outcomes through building collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders and the community.

Andrew King - Head Shot
Andrew King

Andrew is Civil Engineer with experience in all levels of Government and private practice, currently employed as a senior engineer with the City of West Torrens. He considers himself lucky to have been mentored and influenced by some of SA’s most respected and passionate water professional and academics.

As long standing Chair of Stormwater SA and a member of many of the stormwater reference committees, working groups and networks established over the past decade, Andrew is consistently pushing for better practices, capacity building, guidelines and legislation in relation to stormwater management, WSUD and related fields.

Andrew has been involved in the development of a cultural change within the City of West Torrens, to the point where this council is thought to be the most progressive inner urban council in South Australia with regards to the adoption WSUD measures.  The change of daily practices in the management of the cities infrastructure has seen the city now heading towards the installation of 200 individual raingardens and the adoption of best practice WSUD into a substantial number of private developments through influence in the development process.

Joe La Spina

Joe is an industry leader in WSUD and sustainable stormwater management. He applies his skills across all scales of development including major SA infrastructure projects. His strong technical understanding of WSUD systems stems from local government and private consultancy with Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec.

Joe has implemented innovative projects featuring WSUD and is focused on delivering the best outcomes with regards to the environmental management of stormwater and its integration into many forms of development. Joe has developed and designed many projects featuring constructed wetlands, watercourse remediation, source control, infiltration systems, and erosion and sediment control practices. Joe has a keen focus on integrating engineering design with ecological system services.

His innovative WSUD projects have been recognised by industry peers for producing award winning designs at state and national awards for excellence in WSUD.

Elsinore Mann, Water Sensitive SA Steering Committee Member - May 2021
Elsinore Mann

A civil engineer by training, Elsie has more than 15 years’ experience in the water industry, and is passionate about applying her skills and experience to identify innovative and effective solutions to water management challenges.

Elsie’s current role as Senior Engineer with Tonkin involves project management and delivery as well as development of new business in the areas of water system planning and strategy, and integrated water management. Her professional experience has provided the opportunity to work with leading water and wastewater utilities around the globe.

Elsie completed her Masters of Integrated Water Management specialising in urban water management. Her applied research project, undertaken in collaboration with Water Sensitive SA, explored the adoption of tools to quantify economic benefits of water sensitive urban design in Adelaide.

Recent project experience focused on development and expansion of water utility operational analytics and decision-making tools involving design, implementation and testing. Elsie also maintains her hydraulic modelling and optimisation expertise in master planning, asset management and engineering design projects.

Harsha Sapdhare - Water Sensitive SA Steering Committee member
Dr Harsha Sapdhare

Harsha is a water and environmental engineer experienced in field monitoring, carbon sequestration assessment, hydraulic modelling, water quality, and economic and environmental impact assessment. She is currently working as a Research and Development Manager at Space Down Under.

Harsha obtained her PhD from the University of South Australia in 2020, and has published numerous scientific papers. Her research interest is in the investigation of cost-effectiveness and environmental impacts of infiltration systems and other green infrastructure or water sensitive urban development tools.

During her PhD, Harsha also received an Australian Postgraduate Research (APR) internship, and worked with the Legatus Group on the Community Wastewater Management Scheme Survey and Sludge Processing Plant Viability Investigation. She has published her research work in peer-reviewed journals and received a High Commendation award from the Natural and Built Environment Research Centre.

Acknowledgement of Country

Water Sensitive SA acknowledges Aboriginal people as the First Peoples and Nations of the lands and waters we live and work upon, and we pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge and respect the deep spiritual connection and the relationship that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have to Country.