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WSUD in your home & backyard

In-house training

WSUD in your home and backyard (PDF)

Learning objective

The training will provide participants with a range of practical solutions to cost effectively maximise rainwater harvesting and reuse in the home and integrate stormwater and greywater into their garden to provide multiple benefits including: water conservation, local flood mitigation, improve stormwater runoff quality and landscape benefits.


Anyone with an interest in designing their new home or retrofitting their house or garden, to achieve more sustainable water management


01 – Introduction

02 – Context

  • Principles of water sensitive urban design
  • Urbanisation and changes to catchment hydrology

03 – WSUD – Inside the home

  • Rainwater harvesting and re-use, how to maximise the value from your rainwater tank
  • Greywater
  • Water conservation

04 – WSUD – Outside the home

  • Permeable and porous paving
  • Onsite retention of stormwater via infiltration
  • Vegetated swales and buffer strips
  • Raingardens – function and design
  • Raingarden plant species selection and placement

05 – Case studies

  • Mellissa Bradley, Water Sensitive SA
  • Accredited community training providers:
    • Ali Roush
    • Kirsty Close
Core competencies attained
  • An understanding of how to size a cost effective rainwater tank to provide greatest benefit to the householder and environment
  • An understanding of options available to use stormwater on site to enhance gardens

Price on application

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