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Marden Connect

Project planning & design

Commencing in 2015, Marden Connect is a residential development of 165 dwellings on 2.2 hectares, showcasing how water sensitive urban design (WSUD) principles can be achieved in urban densification. The development is located 5 km from Adelaide’s CBD and immediately adjacent to the Torrens Linear Park, and includes 66 affordable housing products and 8 accessible/disability living dwellings

The residential area provides 1200 m2 (6%) of open space (with an exemption from the 12.5% standard due to its close proximity to Torrens Linear Park), 40% of which comprises WSUD features. The design process promoted the conservation of pre-existing flora by strategically locating the developmentā€™s three reserves, which included the retention of significant pink gums.

Benefits of urban greening to development

Marden Connect properties adjacent to Torrens Linear Park were valued $170,000 higher than similar sized properties facing River Street, only 200 m further east, demonstrating that the community values green infrastructure.

WSUD and green infrastructure features

Streetscape level/public open space

  • Marden Connect is designed to be a walkable suburb with three open space reserves designed around the pre-existing, significant flora. Tree pits were constructed where possible to divert gutter flow to roadside trees and gardens. The development features two swales-type detention basins that offer pre-treatment of stormwater prior to discharge to underground drainage system and ultimately the River Torrens.
  • Tree pits feature engineered soils to divert gutter flow to roadside trees consisting of predominantly tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis anacardioides).

Household scale solutions

Each townhouse features a minimum 2 kL rainwater tank for limited domestic usage, and each apartment complex has a communal rainwater tank, with the size determined by a water balance model for the roof area and location of each site.

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