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Hillview Road permeable paving

Permeable paving on Hillview Road, Netherby provides a cost-effective solution to local flooding.

The paving installed by the City of Mitcham uses uncompacted subgrade and substrate stabilising mesh with the site excavates to approximately 40 mm to natural material. Gravel of 20 mm diameter was then laid to a depth of 150 mm without a bedding layer. The installment features a structural stabiliser HDPE mesh (Geoweb) across the entire road surface, overlain by a further 150 mm of 20 mm gravel.

The Adbri Trihex paver was installed directly over the gravel layer and was backfilled by 2-3 mm screenings in the voids between the pavers.

The project has a subsurface detention storage of 20,000 litres within the voids of the gravel, with excess stormwater flowing to a 225 mm pipe in the road verge.

Image source: City of Mitcham


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