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Permeable pavements – Kegworth & Wheaton Roads
Melrose Park

Images: T Johnson, City of Mitcham

Council’s environmentally-friendly permeable paving is helping prevent flooding in streets and reserves while improving the environment and reducing Council’s expenditure on infrastructure upgrades.

Historically, the intersection of Kegworth and Wheaton Roads in Melrose Park flooded during rainfall events, resulting in deep ponding of stormwater in the roadway, causing a nuisance and safety hazard.

Permeable paving was installed in Kegworth Road (adjacent to the Kegworth Reserve) and at the intersection of Wheaton Street to mitigate local flooding. Street trees are passively irrigated by stormwater that collects in gravel storages under the permeable pavers, flows through a Megaflow panel drain and ultimately into 300 mm diameter vertical PVC pipe risers that act as leaky wells in the road verge.

Any excess stormwater runoff that does not infiltrate through the permeable pavers drains via the side entry pits to Kegworth Reserve, where it is distributed via a 110 m of mostly 225 mm slotted pipe soakage drains, with an invert level ranging from 600 mm to 1,000 mm below the park surface level.

This paving system and its associated soakage drains cost $200,000. This is a significant saving compared with the conventional engineering approach to drainage involving upgrades to side entry pits and drainage pipe network, which was estimated to cost in the order of $1.2 million.


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