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St Bernards Road green wall

Hectorville green wall sustained by communal rainwater harvesting system

The developer of these 11 townhouses has chosen to enhance the amenity through the inclusion of two feature green walls on the façade facing the street. The green walls use a modular system consisting of pre-vegetated panels fixed to the wall using technology from Green Cities, a South Australian company.

A communal green space at the rear of the property also provides a cool outdoor refuge for residents, acknowledging that home owners are unlikely to establish significant green space in their rear courtyards.

Typically, a development of this nature would provide a small rainwater tank in each townhouse courtyard to manage stormwater runoff rates and to satisfy current Building Code requirements for mains water conservation, through rainwater use. With space in outdoor courtyards at a premium, the developer has instead chosen to provide a 22,000 litre communal tank at the rear of the property, adjacent to visitor parking bays. The rainwater tank is plumbed to individual households to service low grade uses such as toilet flushing, and also offers a sustainable water supply for irrigation of the green walls. Providing this alternative water source for the green wall, offers “insurance” in times of water restrictions.

Images: Xtraordinary Constructions; Location SA


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