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CRCWSC | TARGET (Urban heat model) Launch: Water Sensitive Cities Scenario Tool – webinar

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CRCWSC | TARGET (Urban heat model) Launch: Water Sensitive Cities Scenario Tool – webinar

The CRC for Water Sensitive Cities’ Tools and Products (TAP) team have completed the integration of the TARGET module into the WSC Scenario Tool. The CRCWSC will launch the release with some key presentations from experts and industry users, followed by a 15-minute panel session where attendees are invited to direct questions to the presenters in a Q&A session.

  • Opened by CRCWSC’s Chief Research Officer, Dr Briony Rogers
  • Dr Christian Urich will give an overview on how Scenario Tool has been significantly improved following the integration of TARGET, providing details on the functionality and features of the module
  • Climate Scientist, Dr Stephanie Jacobs, will present an overview of microclimate modelling, how TARGET works, and how the results can be used
  • Mellissa Bradley will discuss Adelaide’s urban heat issues and how the modelling results from TARGET will strengthen business cases for WSUD investments, and provide evidence for improved policy and urban design guidelines
  • Water Technology’s Luke McPhail and Edge Environment’s Mark Siebentritt will briefly discuss their experience applying TARGET and the potential use of this module by other industry practitioners.

For more details about TARGET see the newly created TARGET Industry Note, which includes the link to register for the online TARGET training to be delivered on 6 May, 2020.


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29 April - 11:00am
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