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Construction of WSUD assets

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Construction of WSUD assets



Robin Allison, Ralph Williams and Jason Sonneman – DesignFlow

Learning objective

The training will assist participants to improve the quality and success of WSUD assets to function as per their design, providing stormwater quality benefits, reductions in run-off to the drainage system and better integration with other stormwater assets.

Who should attend?

Those involved in the design, construction and establishment of WSUD assets, including site supervisors, compliance officers, civil and landscape contractors, and civil engineers and urban design/landscape consultants.

Course content

  • introduction to the construction and establishment of WSUD assets including: sedimentation basins, bioretention swales/basins, raingardens, constructed wetlands and sedimentation ponds, infiltration systems, incl. permeable pavements, and gross pollutant traps
  • civil construction of WSUD assets, including hold points and materials validation (e.g. biofiltration media)
  • landscape works establishment of WSUD assets
  • construction phase activities, including protection of WSUD assets
  • integration with stormwater infrastructure
  • asset handover, certification and compliance
  • site visit(s)

Core competencies attained

  • An understanding of the basic concepts of WSUD and integrated water management (IWM).
  • An understanding of asset function and key components.
  • Awareness of the key issues and risks that need to be considered when constructing and establishing WSUD assets.
  • Appreciation of the importance of construction phase sediment and erosion control practices, and their relationship with operational phase stormwater management systems.
  • An understanding of specifications and materials (i.e. bioretention filter media specification).
  • An understating of construction methods and approaches for WSUD assets.
  • An understanding of the requirements for successful vegetation establishment.
  • An understanding of the issues associated with asset handover.

Delivery method

  • Presentations
  • Group and individual activities
  • Site visits

Learning resources

  • prepared presentations slides as handouts
  • references for further information
  • checklists and protocols for the construction, establishment and asset handover
  • construction contract hold points


$275.00 (incl. GST) Water Sensitive SA investment partners (incl. Stormwater SA members)
$440.00 (incl. GST) Others


Presenters’ profiles

Dr Robin Allison, DesignFlow

Robin AllisonRobin is a founding Director of DesignFlow, a specialist water sensitive urban design consultancy based in in SA, Victoria and Queensland.

He has more than 20 years’ experience in stormwater management and in particular integrating WSUD into urban spaces to protect aquatic ecosystems while enhancing people’s enjoyment and appreciation of water.

He has delivered projects from streetscape scale to regional wetlands and a focus is often on retrofitting systems within constraints of existing urban areas.  All of the systems employed use vegetation as a key driver of water quality improvement and promote green infrastructure.

Ralph Williams, DesignFlow

Ralph WilliamsRalph is a Civil Engineer with a Masters in Hydrology and Water Resources and has 20 years’ experience in Australia and overseas.  He has a particular interest in water treatment, recycling and aquifer storage and recovery.

His practical skills in design and construction supervision compliment his conceptual design and modelling approach ensuring that strategies and plans are practical and can be easily implemented.

Applying his highly technical design skills to help develop community orientated outcomes as part of broader water sensitive urban design objectives is a major focus for Ralph.

Jason Sonneman, DesignFlow

Jason Sonneman - DesignFlowJason is an aquatic ecologist with expertise in water resource assessment and management. He has over 14 years experience working on the ecology of marine and freshwater ecosystems, particularly urban streams and wetlands. His experience includes developing integrated approaches to urban water management and the innovative use of water sensitive urban design concepts within urban development projects at many scales. This includes the modelling of catchment runoff and the design of stormwater treatment and harvesting systems such as wetlands and bioretention systems. He has specialist skills in ecosystem assessment and management, environmental impact assessment and statistical analysis of environmental data.


The Brocas – The Warehouse
111 Woodville Road
St Clair, SA Australia
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Registration: 8:15am

25 May - 8:30am
25 May - 4:30pm
The Brocas – The Warehouse
111 Woodville Road
St Clair

Acknowledgement of Country

Water Sensitive SA acknowledges Aboriginal people as the First Peoples and Nations of the lands and waters we live and work upon, and we pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge and respect the deep spiritual connection and the relationship that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have to Country.