Water Sensitive SA

InSite Water Tool

Stormwater management self-certification for small-scale development

Incorporation of water sensitive urban design (WSUD) is required to be considered in all new urban developments. The InSite Water Tool (the Tool) provides an efficient and technically robust method to demonstrate whether the design features of small-scale developments have met performance criteria for:

  • water conservation and efficiency
  • stormwater runoff quality discharged to waterways and marine environments via Councils drainage system.
  • stormwater runoff volume
  • stormwater runoff flow rates.

The InSite Water Tool assists you to optimise your solution to meet the four design objectives for stormwater management.

This tool makes it easier to design a stormwater management strategy to meet development plan policy, and Building Code of Australia (SA) and Council engineering requirements in an integrated manner, including the South Australia Water Sensitive Urban Design Policy (Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, 2013).

To ensure that developments meet WSUD performance benchmarks, several best practice and management guidelines have been adopted.

Download relevant guidelines and resources

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Typical stormwater management solutions that can meet the performance objectives

WSUD principles that inform the InSite Water Tool
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This project is supported by a grant from the Stormwater Management Authority