Water Sensitive SA

Climate data for MUSIC

One of the following options should be applied to obtain or develop the climate data set when applying the Model for urban stormwater improvement conceptualisation (MUSIC):

Option 1 – Council prescribed climate data

Local Councils may have their own approved climate data set for use in MUSIC models within their area. Contact the relevant Council to determine if such a data template exists.

Known Council climate data sets include:

  • City of Onkaparinga Noarlunga Centre station data. Available upon request from the City of Onkaparinga.

Option 2 – Water Sensitive SA climate data

A range of regions across South Australia have been identified with similar mean annual rainfall within each region, see Figure 1.

Rainfall regions for the Adelaide metropolitan area

Rainfall regions for the Adelaide metropolitan area

Region Rainfall band (mm) Rainfall station Period Period mean annual rainfall (mm) Mean annual PET (mm)
Adelaide Dry 300-500 23013 Parafield Airport 1979-1988 450 1159
Adelaide Wet & Foothills 500-700 23090 Adelaide-Kent Town 1983-1992 585 1143
Adelaide Hills 700+ 23875 Parawa (Second Valley AWS) 2001-2010 866 1132
Northern Yorke 300-500 23122 Roseworthy AWS 2001-2010 404 1145

If your region is not provided for in these Climate templates:

Option 3 – Prepare your own climate template

Refer to Section 3 of the South Australian MUSIC Guidelines 2021 for information on how to prepare your own climate template

Option 4 – Local Government partnerships

Contact Water Sensitive SA to discuss opportunities to partner with us to produce representative, quality data sets for your area.