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South Australian MUSIC Guidelines

The Model for urban stormwater improvement conceptualisation (MUSIC) is a software tool developed by e-Water that can be used to model urban catchments and the effectiveness of stormwater management or water sensitive urban design (WSUD) responses. MUSIC uses local climate and soil data to simulate rainfall, stormwater runoff and pollutant generation. It simulates pollutant removal and stormwater flow volume reduction through stormwater treatment assets such as sediment ponds, wetlands, bioretention and harvesting.

The South Australian MUSIC Guidelines can be downloaded here.

MUSIC is intended as:

  • A conceptual design decision support tool that informs an iterative design approach. MUSIC conceptualises how development alters hydrology and pollutant runoff and allows the user to test a range of responses to first reduce these impacts, and then mitigate the residual impacts.
  • An assessment tool to assess the WSUD responses proposed in a planning submission and demonstrate that these can achieve relevant stormwater quality objectives.
Climate data

MUSIC is a continuous simulation model and requires input time series for rainfall and potential evapotranspiration (PET).

It is recommended that a climate template incorporating rainfall and PET with a length of at least 10 years of data is used for most modelling purposes. One of the following options should be applied to obtain or develop the climate data set:

Option 1 – Council prescribed climate data

Local Councils may have their own approved climate data set for use in MUSIC models within their area. Contact the relevant Council to determine if such a data template exists.

Known Council climate data sets include:

  • City of Onkaparinga Noarlunga Centre station data. Available upon request.

Option 2 – Water Sensitive SA climate data

A range of regions across South Australia have been identified with similar mean annual rainfall within each region, see Figure 1.

Rainfall regions for the Adelaide metropolitan area

Rainfall regions for the Adelaide metropolitan area

The relevant data sets can be downloaded by clicking on the region link in the table below.

RegionRainfall band
Rainfall stationPeriodPeriod mean annual rainfall
Mean annual PET
Adelaide Dry300-50023013 Parafield Airport1979-19884501159
Adelaide Wet & Foothills500-70023090 Adelaide-Kent Town1983-19925851143
Adelaide Hills700+23875 Parawa (Second Valley AWS)2001-20108661132
Northern Yorke300-50023122 Roseworthy AWS2001-20104041145

If your region is not provided for in these Climate templates:

Option 3 – Prepare your own climate template

Refer to the South Australian MUSIC Guidelines 2020 for information on how to prepare your own climate template

Option 4 – Local Government partnerships

Contact Water Sensitive SA to discuss opportunities to partner with us to produce representative, quality data sets for your area.

MUSIC Auditor tool

The Model for urban stormwater improvement conceptualisation (MUSIC) Auditor assesses a MUSIC model against relevant criteria as specified in the South Australian MUSIC Guidelines. MUSIC Auditor identifies any MUSIC model input parameters that do not comply with the guidelines or parameters that are outside common or expected ranges.

The Auditor provides a summary report identifying any areas of non-compliance and further commentary to assist both consultants in revising their model or assessing authorities to make a decision whether or not to accept any non-compliance. You will need to export the .mrt file from your MUSIC model to run the MUSIC Auditor.

In this short video (less than 3 minutes), Dale Browne, E2Designlab, provides a quick overview of MUSIC Auditor:

  • what it is
  • who it has been developed for
  • what are the benefits of using it.

MUSIC Auditor tool training

If you would like to access the online MUSIC Auditor tool training webinar, Water Sensitive SA can provide you with a link for a small fee. Contact Water Sensitive SA for more information.

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