Water Sensitive SA


Goyder Institute for Water Research

The Goyder Institute for Water Research is a collaborative research initiative between the State Government, CSIRO, Adelaide University, Flinders University and University of SA that includes a research program to more clearly define impediments to WSUD in South Australia and to propose possible solutions.

CRC for Water Sensitive Cities

The CRC for Water Sensitive Cities brings together the inter-disciplinary research expertise and thought-leadership to undertake research that will revolutionise water management in Australia and overseas. In collaboration with over 80 research, industry and government partners, the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities deliver the socio-technical urban water management solutions, education and training programs, and industry engagement required to make towns and cities water sensitive.

Engaging communities in the transition to water sensitive cities


Benefit-Cost analysis of water related projects

Comprehensive Economic Evaluation Project (IRP2) references

Industry/policy notes

Technical/milestone reports


CSIRO Land and Water Flagship: Resilient cities of the 21st century

The CSIRO Land and Water conduct research into the way our cities use resources and how resilient they are to environmental change. The Flagship contributes knowledge for making our resource use systems more efficient and sustainable, and to increase our capacity to adapt to global change.