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Green roofs – new fact sheet released

June 15, 2020

Green roofs - Adelaide Zoo, Sancutary Function Centre and Minchin House. Images: Water Sensitive SA

In March of this year we held training in Design, construction & maintenance of green roofs & walls at the Adelaide Zoo, at which participants were able to view a green roof as part of a purpose built new construction (image 1, below) and retrofit over a metal roof (image 2, below). The retrofit green roof consisted of a shallow 100 mm growing medium sown with native grasses and required no structural reinforcing to the roof structure.

We have now released a green roofs fact sheet produced by Graeme Hopkins of Fifth Creek Studio and WAX Design, to reinforce the key learnings from the training. The fact sheet describes the benefits of green roofs, including the ability to reduce stormwater runoff, types of green roofs, construction systems for new builds and retrofits, and typical dead loads of green roof components.

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