Water Sensitive SA

Priority project 04: On-line assessment tool for stormwater management

Priority project 04: On-line assessment tool for stormwater management

Objective To provide an efficient development application assessment process for stormwater management proposals for simple/small-scale developments that allows for flexibility in the solutions depending on site constraints
Deliverables A decision support and assessment tool to guide options for stormwater management solutions for small scale/simple developments that:

  • provides a web-based assessment of a the stormwater development proposal relative to the stormwater performance targets within the SA WSUD Policy
  • demonstrates compliance with SA WSUD Policy for Councils and other statutory authorities
Inputs The design of the tool will be informed by the Melbourne Water Storm calculator and the City of Gosnell’s stormwater design calculator.
Delivery method Consultancy, overseen by Water Sensitive SA technical working group
Service provider Organica Engineering
Project completion date 3 March 2020
Delivery partners Stormwater Management Authority (grant), DPTI (Planning) (in-kind)
Target audience Developers, Council engineering development assessors
Dependent activities SA WSUD Policy adoption within planning system

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