Water Sensitive SA

Crayon House

Crayon House is a new build incorporating whole-of-site water sensitive urban design planning. Its creative passive design delivers na environmentally-responsible, liveable and beautiful structure with multiple WSUD features.

Source: Grieve Gillett Andersen

Images: Sam Noonan

Site features include:

Rainwater harvesting: 95% of the roof area is connected to downpipes. Rainwater is directed into underground 42,000L-capacity tanks in the front yard, which provide the entire property’s water supply (house and garden) for 9 months.

Permeable surfaces:  decking and gravel allow rainwater to infiltrate into the soil, adding moisture to sustain the garden and landscaping, as well as reduce run-off and improve stormwater quality.

Microclimate cooling:  the design includes a lawned area irrigated with rainwater, that has been strategically located adjacent to living areas to provide cooling of outside air temperatures providing cooler breezes into the home.

Smart, efficient design:  WSUD and sustainability elements are designed to be convenient to encourage habitual use. For example, a sump in the front garden enables easy, ground-level access for the removal of leaf litter and sediment from of all contributing downpipes.

  • Connected roof area = 95%
  • Rainwater (retention storage) = 42,000L, underground
  • Internal re-use  = all uses (HWS, laundry, toilets)
  • Outdoor use = Yes, irrigation
  • Self sufficiency =  9 months of year

Images: Sam Noonan