Water Sensitive SA

WSUD policy

SA WSUD policy

Water conservation

Demonstrated compliance with SA residential building requirements for water efficiency

Non-residential: Water efficient techniques in commercial, industrial & other non-residential urban settings

Irrigated open spaces: Best practice irrigation management in outdoor irrigated open spaces

Stormwater runoff quality


retention of typical annual urban load of total nitrogen


retention of typical annual urban load of total phosphorus


retention of typical annual urban load of suspended solids

Waterway protection

Rate of runoff discharged from the site does not exceed the pre-urban development for the 1 year average recurrence interval (ARI) peak flow

Flood management

Capacity of the existing drainage system is not exceeded

No increase in the 5 year ARI peak flow compared to existing conditions

No increase in flood risk for the 100 year ARI peak flow, compared to existing conditions

Download a copy of the SA WSUD Policy (refer to page 11)

Planning and Design Code WSUD policy