Water Sensitive SA Business Plan

The Water Sensitive SA Business Plan July 2015 sets out our vision, core functions and what the program offers our partners and broader WSUD practitioners for the initial three years of the program to June 2017.  Water Sensitive SA has now been operating since November 2014 and has already made a significant impact on awareness of water sensitive urban design principles and practice in greater Adelaide, through our training, events and collaborations with researchers. Our achievements for 2014-15 are described in the Appendix.

Water Sensitive SA Annual Review 2015-16

The Water Sensitive SA program, in its second year of delivering capacity building services to South Australian water sensitive urban design (WSUD) practitioners, has contributed to a greater awareness and depth of understanding of the role of WSUD in the creation of more liveable communities. This document reflects upon the achievements of the Water Sensitive SA program during 2015-16 and sets out the proposed outputs and activities for 2016-17.

The proposed program for the next financial year aims to place South Australia in the best possible position to achieve broad adoption of WSUD within policy and practice into the future.

Water Sensitive SA Investment Prospectus

Become an investment partner in Water Sensitive SA and collaborate with us to deliver a suite of projects fundamental to the widespread adoption of WSUD.

Water Sensitive SA Stakeholder Engagement Plan

This strategy defines each of the stakeholder groups with a role in urban water management or land development, and the issues limiting their commitment to water sensitive urban design (WSUD) principles and any barriers to the widespread uptake of WSUD. The plan describes how Water Sensitive SA will engage with practitioners within these organisations to bring about the change needed to overcome these barriers.

Business Case for a Water Sensitive Urban Design Capacity-Building Program for South Australia

SA Practitioners contributed significantly to the development of the business case for a capacity building program for South Australia. This process and the associated report has been a key step in the process of the establishment of Water Sensitive SA.

SA Water Sensitive Design Capacity Building Program: Establishment Plan

The Establishment Plan documents the work of the SA WSUD capacity building program’s Bridging Program Manager between December 2013 and July 2014. It outlines the process undertaken, the capacity building partners identified, and the next steps to getting the program running. The Establishment Plan was released in August 2014.

Case for water sensitive urban design – benefit/cost analysis

Investment partners are currently being sought to develop this resource, as described in Priority Project 1.

Life cycle cost analysis

Investment partners are currently being sought develop this resource, as described in our Priority Project 2.